Assessment Services


These services are designed to provide an additional source of job related information to decision makers who are hiring for professional positions in their companies. The services are intended to provide an objective, reliable and balanced description of personal capabilities and characteristics as viewed against a position's requirements.

Each component of the assessment process was chosen because it provides an evaluation of one or more of the skills or abilities which have been shown to be related to effective performance for a wide variety of professional level positions.


Assessments are provided on either a mail-in or on an office visit basis. In both cases the cornerstone of the assessment is the completion of the Hite Human Resources Career Planning Workbook. The Workbook is supplemented with standardized tests and an interview with a psychologist for office assessments.

Mail-in assessments are most appropriate for selection into front-line management positions and for individual contributors. Assessments performed in the office are most effective for higher level positions where interpersonal skills or problem solving capabilities are especially critical.

Assessment reports summarize in narrative form an individual's analytical skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and work approach. Development suggestions and supervision needed for the individual are also noted.

Office assessments require about four hours for testing and an interview which lasts approximately one hour, provided the Hite Human Resources Career Planning Workbook is completed prior to the office visit.


Individuals assessed are encouraged to contact Hite Human Resources for a feedback session regarding the assessment report. Many people find that the assessment experience provides a unique opportunity to learn how others see them. Others view it as a very useful career development exercise which is enhanced by feedback.

This descriptive information provides an overview of the basic assessment services offered by Hite Human Resources. To provide the best service possible, Hite Human Resources works closely with their client to understand their needs and to assist them in selecting the most appropriate service to meet their goals.

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