Hite Executive Search

Since we are a management consulting firm with a specialization in professional staffing, our work is substantially different and our performance levels significantly higher than other services commonly available.

We recruit executive level decision makers, those who manage key operations for their companies, as well as, management and senior supervisory, administrative, technical, financial, sales, marketing and other professional personnel. Our clients are usually Chairmen, Directors, Search Committees; Owners, Chief Executive Officers, Company Presidents, Division Vice Presidents, Human Resource Executives or other senior managers who retain us to assist their organization.

It is vitally important that exemplary professional conduct be employed while negotiating key management positions. Subtle details must be addressed to avoid any possibility of embarrassing either client or candidate. We never reveal a client's identity until such time as the client and we agree a face-to-face interview is in order.

We carefully manage every step of the selection process. Following the initial meetings with executives of the client company and our acceptance of the assignment, comprehensive descriptions are prepared of the client organization, the position to be filled, and of the professional achievements and personal characteristics required in order for the new executive to succeed in the client organization.

Our market survey is particularly well focused and thorough; the professional community is surveyed and outstanding individuals are identified. Top performers are then approached in strict confidence on a personal and individual basis. We evaluate the compatibility of their work background and personal characteristics and determine their level of interest. Candidates meeting our client's standards are investigated and evaluated. In-depth person-to-person interviews are conducted.

Clients receive an evaluation of each recommended candidate containing meaningful data directly related to their selection criteria. A detailed, written dossier describing the candidate's professional history, management style, psychological profile, consultant's interactions and opinions plus references that provide insight on past performance, personal character and future potential is prepared. The three or four most qualified candidates are usually presented for final consideration.

We provide professional assistance throughout the selection and evaluation process ... arranging appointments, transportation, and accommodations. Once a candidate is selected by our client, we become a convenient medium of communication between client and candidate, thus eliminating for both parties, many difficulties inherent to employment negotiations and a successful uniting of the new executive and the client's organization.

Overview of the Executive Search Process


Time Frame

  1.  Client meeting, confirmation, and needs analysis First week
  2.  Written specifications prepared and accepted Second week
  3.  Candidate search Second week through conclusion
  4.  Candidate interviews Weeks four through ten
  5.  Review candidates with client Weeks five through ten
  6.  Evaluate selected candidates Weeks five through eleven
  7.  Present client candidate dossier Weeks seven through twelve
  8.  Arrange client candidate interviews Weeks eight through twelve
  9.  Assess results with client Weeks eight through fourteen
10.  Assess results of interviews Weeks eight through fourteen
11.  Offer and acceptance Weeks nine through fifteen
12.  Close out search Week sixteen

The advantages of Hite Executive Search are clear cut.

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