Hite Retained Recruiting

We recruit for mission-critical middle-management administrative, technical, financial, sales and marketing and other professional positions.Our clients are usually Operating or Human Resource Executives who value thoroughness, efficiency, fast response and savings.

Our staff is organized into two groups: industrial and commercial. Each group is further organized into functional departments. This structure permits our Recruiting Executives to develop expertise valuable to the conduct of each engagement without the risk of being "blocked" on any assignment.

Our market survey is based on a thorough client assignment brief. Each assignment is researched utilizing our proprietary system, then the professional community is surveyed and outstanding individuals are identified. Top performers are approached in strict confidence on a personal and individual basis. We evaluate the compatibility of their work background and personal characteristics and determine their level of interest. Candidates meeting client standards are further investigated and evaluated before being presented for client consideration. The three most qualified candidates are usually presented for final consideration. This systematic and constructive approach enables us to respond quickly to client needs and generally complete assignments within 30 to 60 days.

We provide professional assistance throughout the selection and interviewing process ... arranging appointments, transportation, and accommodations if necessary. Once a candidate is selected by our client, we become a convenient medium of communications between client and candidate, thus eliminating for both parties, many difficulties inherent to employment negotiations and a successful uniting of the new professional and the client's organization.

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